Why invest in property in Bali post-COVID 19?

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Investing in property in Bali has been a lucrative way of generating cash flow for the past ten years and improving your investment portfolio. Currently, the influx of tourists to the island may have ceased temporarily due to COVID19, but preparations for them to return in their multitudes continue in earnest. Moreover, all the time, the flights are grounded, and the price of land and property decreases, golden opportunities to snap up some prime real estate in Bali are born.

Investment strategies in Bali 

Commonly, investment in the Bali property market means buying land and building a villa or buying an existing property with a view to either sell and make an immediate profit or rent and earn money back in the longer term. Some people want a holiday home and an income, while other investors are just after the cold hard cash.

Short term investment strategies in Bali

A short-term strategy is a fast-moving investment approach and follows a build-to-sell model, which is sometimes also referred to as flipping property. The lure of this type of investment is the amount of money that can be made very quickly. You can build and sell within a matter of months, and within a year you will have made your money back plus profit.

Medium-term investment strategies in Bali

The key benefit of this strategy involves reaping a rewarding rental market return for 12 to 36 months before selling it. This has the potential to double or triple the value of a shorter-term option.

Long term investment strategies in Bali

This investment strategy involves low-risk investments and aims to double your money within five years. 

How can I prepare to invest in real estate in Bali?

To invest in real estate in Bali equip yourself with as much local knowledge as possible; this is a developing country in terms of law and building practices, and knowing the right people to get things done is half the battle.

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